What is Your Moral Gauge?

Here is a provocative article by Ben Stevens for the Huffington Post: Two Lesbians Raised a Baby: A Response.

The premise behind Stevens’ piece is derived from the logic of  a video of an Iowa college student named Zach Wahls that has gone viral.  Wahls makes a compelling argument that he, though having been raised by two lesbians, has turned out well.  As Stevens writes:

Wahls is arguing that a practice is not necessarily bad if something good can result from it, and that his similarities to other people (others who were raised by heterosexuals) constitute a strong argument for the normative and morally upright nature of homosexuality, and indeed of homosexual parenting.

There seems to be little or no debate that Wahls has indeed turned out well.  And if you have seen the video you will have no doubt about his intelligence or his oratory abilities either. But, as Stevens explains:

We do not evaluate things simply based on whether good or bad may be fostered in their wake. In every sector of life and policy, regardless of the debate, we evaluate them on their own merits and moral qualities.

This is a thoughtful and thought provoking article, with a moral one friend expresses this way:

Evaluate your beliefs, not on whether or not good can result from them but, whether or not they are good in and of themselves.

One thought on “What is Your Moral Gauge?

  1. God can use and has used both good and bad for His purpose.

    Circumstance is in God’s control and although mans morals, even in the best of circumstance & light falls so sort of any redeeming value as to make any moral action just covered up dung.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I certanily don’t agree with the sin of homosexuality and certanily it’s not a very good environment to raise children in.

    I happen to see Morality, much of the time, as an enemy of the cross in any case. As so many substitute moral living as a replacement for a relationship to Jesus.

    Can good come out of bad…yes. Ask Joseph ! The question here for us is not about if good can come out this situation, but can good be injected into it ?

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