Spiritual Formation Beyond Decency

We must stop using the fact that we cannot earn grace (whether for justification of for sanctification) as an excuse for not energetically seekng to receive grace.  Having been found by God, we then become seekers of ever-fuller life in him. Grace is opposes to earning, not effort.  The realities of Christian spiritual formation are that we will not be transformed “into his likeness” by more information, or by infusions, inspirations, or ministrations alone. Though all of these have an important place, they never suffice, and reliance upon them alone explains the now-common failure of committed Christians to rise much above a certain level of decency.

~ Dallas Willard, in The Great Omission

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Formation Beyond Decency

  1. Grace, is the driver which allows us to excell for the Kingdom I think. Without it, we would become dead instruments and not very effective.

    Thanks, Dennis

  2. Please explain what you believe is the difference between earning and effort.. I feel there should be a difference and that what you have said must be right, but I can’t understand it and if you try to explain it might help me understand if it is even understandable and if there really IS a difference.

    While it might be true that you can’t earn SALVATION, are there not other things which MUST be earned, by our efforts? Maybe not earned, but found and discovered and ‘put on’ or ‘grown into’? Or allowed to take hold of us by our not turning away from life’s harsh realities? The results of our efforts and commitments shape us, don’t they? The things we decide to pursue and hold as important? I find the things I pursue and persevere with which don’t appear to be directly faith related bring my faith into play.


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