Worship God Seeks

I wonder what would become of the worship wars in our congregations if we recognized the truth in what worship leader/songwriter David Ruis expresses:

“The worship God is seeking relies completely on His initiative, knowing that the only true expression of worship is through the abandonment of all our agendas for His, as we trust in His sovereign power and unlimited grace. It is from this heart posture that true liturgy flows, that music and arts find their highest calling and that the light of a worshipping community shines as a beacon of hope to a suffering and searching world.”

2 thoughts on “Worship God Seeks

  1. All we have to do is figuar out if it’s the style we worship or our God !

    To follow-up two questions which I think help us in this…

    Are we worshiping the Bible or theGod of the Bible ?

    Are we worshiping a system og theology or the God that has revealed a portion of himself to us ?

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