Being a Transforming Presence

As followers of Jesus it is as imperative for us to fight every inclination toward dualism as it is to fight against legalism.  While legalism is widely recognized as relating wrongly to the Law, the error of dualism is not as widely acknowledged in our Evangelical circles.

Simply put, dualism is like split vision, seeing things only as either spiritual or secular.  All things are spiritual.

Walt Mueller reminds us that there are two kinds of dualism common in the church:

  1. Escape – When personal salvation is viewed as an escape from the world into the church, and that the world around us is then to be avoided.
  2. Segregated Spheres – Believing God is only concerned about the spiritual dimension of our lives, we dedicate our spiritual lives to the Lord, but then are shaped by the world in our professional and social lives.

Jacques Ellul offers this critique:

This dissociation of our life into two spheres: the one “spiritual” where we can be “perfect”; and the other material and unimportant, where we behave like other people; is one of the reasons why the Churches have so little influence on the world… All we can say is: That is the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ wills for us, and of that which he came to do.

Here are three teachings of Jesus that should remind us that God intends for his people to engage the culture around us.  We are not to avoid it. We are to attack it stealthily.

Matthew 5.13 – Salt of the Earth

Matthew 5.14 – Light of the World

Matthew 10.16 – Sheep among Wolves

One thought on “Being a Transforming Presence

  1. This may have a lot to do with what James says in Chapter 2….

    I think sometimes we get so caught up in our “spiritual world” we forget about the world around us. How to engage, how to be friend, how to serve, how to Love.

    It’s interesting to me when talking about faith we also at times forget how important Love is. It should drive us and motivate us at our core. Thats is when we relise that God is Love ! I John 4:8, and 1 Cor 13:8…

    Love gets a bad rap at times because some think when you mention Love it’s ment in wrong ways. I think real Love costs. It cost God His only Son ! It really costs us if we are to reach those in our community who don’t know Jesus. We find out how we really Love when things don’t go “our way” in our own “Church community” ! That can take so many forms mostly when the big “I” is invloved.

    Being transformational means being loving and willing to die to self. Problem is we love self too much….alot of the time.

    Me too…

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