Heaven Peeper Recants His Story

Stairway to Heaven (B&W)

Not long ago I wrote expressing my skepticism about the claims depicted in the heart tugging film Heaven is For Real.  I have no doubts about the reality of heaven, it is just the claims of the boy who claimed to have visited heaven that I found dubious.  It is nothing personal about him.  I am highly suspicious of all of those charlatans making claims of peeping into heaven.  I think John Piper expressed it most succinctly:

“If books go beyond scripture, I doubt what they say…”

Interestingly, one of those who has been marketed as a heaven peeper, Alex Malarkey, has come out publicly with an open letter to LifeWay, criticizing the Publisher/Bookstore chain for selling his book.  Malarkey, who was the co-author and the central figure of the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, has recanted his story, and ironically is challenging LifeWay to use better theological judgment in the materials they produce and promote.

To read the story click: Boy Who ‘Came Back’ Rebukes Christian Retailer

For those curious about Heaven – what God has revealed to us about Heaven in the Bible, I find Randy Alcorn‘s simple titled book, Heaven, to be the best I have read. I recommend it freely, and give it away often.


One thought on “Heaven Peeper Recants His Story

  1. Is sad that this has happened, but at the same time heaven is a reality, now the mother is stating that people need to have diserment, yes is true but where was hers when the book was published and the money came flowing in! The Bible is the main book that our saviour Jesus Christ speaks and reveals what lays ahead, but it also say in the last day people will have fissions and just because one kid said a lie doesn’t mean that those who had experience with what awaits us in heaven doesn’t make them liars! Take this experience and keep on going..because …..HEAVEN is REAL!!!!!!!!!

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