Don’t Waste Your Sports

There are seemingly few resources that help the athlete and the fan channel an enthusiasm for sports to the glory of God.  Many misapply Philippians 4.13, taking it out of context, disconnecting it from it’s gospel purpose, and using it as if it is merely a self-help positive thinking slogan.  Others assume that sports are just “worldly” banality that, while enjoyable, have no redeeming spiritual value, except perhaps for the platform provided to accomplished Christian athletes in this sport idolatrous culture.

As a life-long sports enthusiast, and former coach and athlete, I have longed for a substantive bridge that connects athletic endeavors with spiritual formation, yet that avoids the shallowness usually exhibited.

Two relatively recent resources provide the connection and substance I have long looked for:

Both these resources help show us how we can redeem our involvement with sports to God’s Glory and our spiritual development, whether an athlete or a fan.

Two related audio resources:

5 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Sports

  1. Like most things there is good and bad in professional sports. Mostly these days it’s easy to focus on the bad. From just silly paychecks to moral issue and associated crime and poor examples of what used to be sportsmanship.

    Having said that, there is a voice to be had for those God has blessed with the physical abilities to play sports. Just as in any job, but maybe more so in professional sports because of the platform or arena and visability sports provides. So those Christians who play sports have a unique opportunity to use their voice in furtherance of the Gospel. Isn’t that what is really important if your giving your life to a game ? After all it’s a game….

  2. Mahaney & Altrogge go far beyond the usual approach of giving glory to God by testimony, either after a contest or from a speaking engagement. What they show is how participation and/or watching sports can serve almost as a means of grace. Their focus is on how we can grow in godliness and grace through sports.

    • Have to think on that one some….How can watching or participating in sports be a means of Grace apart from most anything we do. I know we are to do all to the glory of God, but I think you mean it’s more than that. Guess I would need to read the books…

    • I would guess there is much more substance to the book than just the message….. but yes I can listen to the message……

      To be very honest the entire subject seems to me a bit off center but non the less intriguing given sports and it’s promiss of riches and fame is such a big part of our Post-Christian culture in our country.

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