Celebrating Gospel-Centeredness

A good article by Trevin Wax illustrating the importance of, not only Gospel-centeredness but, Gospel Celebration.  Wax asserts:

“What you celebrate as a Church is just as important as what you believe.”

I am not sure I fully agree with that statement, but I do see how what is celebrated practically shapes the church, and therefore its people and mission.  And, I suspect it is also true that if we truly understand the Gospel we will celebrate it – and especially the God who authored the Gospel and the Messiah who embodies the Gospel.  To celebrate anything else merely exposes our true values – in other words, our idols.  To not celebrate Christ above all else reveals that we do not actually understand the Gospel.

So, practically speaking, I guess I do agree with that statement more than I first thought.

Wax goes on to suggest:

Celebrate the gospel, and cross-cultural ministry will bubble up in surprising ways. Celebrate your church’s preferential distinctions, and your congregation will become an insular group of like-minded individuals.

Wax drives his point home with two true-to-life illustrations.

To read the article click: Celebration

One thought on “Celebrating Gospel-Centeredness

  1. Good artical Dennis, thanks. I agree we must celebrate the Gospel and how thats is expressed is important. Too many Churches do not get excited about the Gospel and get cought up in their traditions whatever style is used.

    It’s the expression of the Gospel and celebration of the Gospel that hits the hearts of people and whatever we can do to wake up people to true Worship of our Lord and Savior should be done without reservation.

    Same o’l issue it seems to me. It’s not a style of Worship, it’s the essence of Worship of our God in the Gospel, communicated through song, teaching, and proclaimation.

    Oh what joy I think we we miss because we lack so much of the time, the setting, the opportunity and the environment for comming to meet our Savior in Worship regardless of style. I feel for people who must have a certain style to Worship. Thats not the point at all. But I do understand how people can get discouraged because we do not do what we can to ensure we set the table to Worship with excellence and difference.

    I’m reminded as I think about this of the 7 laws of teaching by Howard Hendricks. He talked a lot about being excited about the Gospel and communicating with excellence. That we have the Words of life and the responsibility that is there regarding the Gospel’s presentation in teaching.

    I’m a little fearfull of saying this but sometimes the best Worship time for me has come outside the Church walls.

    Good artical and very much worth the read.

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