Heisman 2010

Tonight’s the night the night when, once again, the Downtown Athletic Club in Manhattan bestows the Heisman Trophy on the top collegiate football player in the nation. While each year there is a qualifying refrain, it warrants repeating: This trophy is given to the top offensive skill player. Linemen and most defensive players get no serious consideration.

That qualifier out of the way, I will say in my opinion that makes no difference this year in who should be the winner. Perhaps there are linemen and defensive players who deserved an invite to the banquet in New York, but there is one player who clearly dominated on the field this season.

My votes – if I had any – would fall in the following order for 2o10:

  1. Cam Newton – QB – Auburn
  2. Colin Kaepernick – QB- Nevada
  3. LaMichael James – RB – Oregon

Why Newton?  No one controlled a game like him this season.  He was an unstoppable force.

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