Secret Mystery of Francis Chan

OK, the title of this post is purely to solicit interest. It is a play on the Charlie Chan Mystery series of the 1930’s.  So far as I know Francis Chan is not hiding any secrets.

That said, many are still mystified why Chan would walk away from a successful ministry, and the newfound celebrity he was enjoying as a result of his books, in order to explore other unknown opportunities.  So, at least in that sense, Francis Chan is a man of mystery.

In this video two of Chans peers, Joshua Harris & Mark Driscoll, sit down and try to get Chan to explain his somewhat unusual departure, among other issues.  It is a good discussion.

One thought on “Secret Mystery of Francis Chan

  1. Good discussion…I agree. Think Chan hits on some very key issues for Christians in America. How are we to live as those who are Christ Followers and have been blessed beyond most of the world? How do we really put feet to our knowledge in real ways? Are we, am I willing to live simply, loving others REALLY, and follow the example of Jesus as expressed by and through the Gospel. Am I kidding myself ? All tough issues. Chan has articulated feelings I’ve had through the years and maybe afraid to address…Oh for the deep deep Love of Jesus. Phil 3:10

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