Considerations for the Gay Marriage Discussion

While I suspect that the question of Gay Marriage is a settled issue for most of the readers of this blog, it seems anything but settled in our culture.  We are inundated by the rhetoric of both activists and those who are merely sincere and sympathetic to the seeming inequalities.

Christianity Today has published an informative article by Mollie Hemingway that brings some further insights to the table.  In short: Legalized Same-Sex Marriage WILL have a negative effect on our culture and, if not yours, the marriages of the rising generations.

Consider just opening paragraphs:

Same-sex marriage advocates frequently ask, “How would gay marriage affect your marriage?” The question is posed rhetorically, as if marriage is a private institution with no social consequences.

But The New York Times, of all papers, argues that gay unions could significantly alter marriage norms. A new study of gay couples in San Francisco shows that half are “open,” meaning that partners consent to each other having sex with other people. The Times says that the prevalence of such relationships could “rewrite the traditional rules of matrimony” by showing straight couples that monogamy need not be a “central feature” of marriage and that sexually open relationships might “point the way for the survival of the institution.”

To read the complete article, click: Same Sex, Different Marriage

3 thoughts on “Considerations for the Gay Marriage Discussion

  1. Yah Dennis, Gay marriage has a lot of messed up things about it and includes a lot of baggage. But thats nothing new as you noted. What should we expect when it so clearly flys against what God has ordained. People reap what they sow.

    I expect one day down the road we’ll see lots more of it and it’s impact on our culture in terms of laws and moral decline in general.

    Christapher West hit the nail on the head. Good artical.

  2. Maybe the real lesson to learn here is why is the institution of marriage so important to the gay community?

    It could be argued that the tradition of wedlock has not exactly been a raging success in the heterosexual community. High divorce rates, infidelities and a lot of emotional hang-ups and confusion. Therapists abound and even more so, divorce lawyers. Perhaps, in a strange, back-to-front subtle away the wider community is protecting gays and lesbians from making what may possibly be a big mistake in getting married.

    Finally, if two people love each other and want to commit their lives to one another shouldn’t that be enough. All this scrambling for ‘approval’ in the eyes of society is not only bewildering but a little strange somehow. It is almost as though gays and lesbians want to be ‘validated’ in their relationships by being recognized by law. Talk about pandering to the mainstream! I strongly suspect that there is a perhaps more insidious reason underlying this demand for ‘equality’ and laws to be changed etc. Marriage and the sharing of material possessions as sanctioned under the law may be a larger reason for why the push for gay marriage is on with a vengeance!

    Call me a cynic if you must but the gay and lesbian community seem to be hung up with the whole picture of material gain and opportunism. Seems like a simple truth to me.

    A society who has apparently vilified and discriminated against the gay community for centuries is now being asked to give its ‘approval’ to the formalizing of personal relationships. If it were me, I’d be running as fast as I could away from the ‘moral majority’ and refuse to have a part of their lot. Why dance with the devil etc. ?

    Be proud of who you are and your own personal standings. As Fleetwood Mac once sang … ‘You can go your own way …. you can call it under another name…’ Respect.

  3. In Britain there is currently much speculation about the arrival of gay “marriage”. Three things need to be kept in mind.

    First, marriage is the union of a man and a woman and is a universal social arrangement and not the preserve of any particular religion. It exists to provide a stable setting for male to female genital sexual intercourse and the children to which such intercourse gives rise.

    Second, if gay marriage is brought in, will there in the interests of equality be legislation to the effect that lack of consummation of a marriage no longer provides grounds for declaring the marriage null and void? That must surely be the case if same sex couples are to be described as married, since by definition they are incapable of male to female genital intercourse.

    Third, those campaigning for gay marriage cannot succeed without redefining what is meant by marriage. It would be helpful if Parliament were to agree the definition of marriage before any legislation is introduced about same sex “marriage”. This will bring a welcome degree of transparency to the debate.

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