Resurging Calvinism

Jonathan Dodson, of Acts 29 Network, has posted a great synopsis of beliefs in an article titled: The Message of Resurging Calvinsm.  This falls into the category of: I Wish I’d Written That –  it so simply and concisely summarizes what I have been teaching at Walnut Hill Church.

Dodson clearly describes 5 areas of important Faith distinctives:

  1. Gospel vs. Religion
  2. Us vs. Them
  3. Big vs. Small
  4. Conservative vs. Liberal
  5. Suburban & Urban

In this post there are some references to the New Calvinism. In some respects this label seems a bit of a misnomer since, it seems to me, it is really a just a great expression of healthy Calvinism… But I don’t want to be nit-picky.

2 thoughts on “Resurging Calvinism

  1. Great post Dennis…I would say that it’s not “Healthy Calvinism ” (although it is, and I like that thought) as it is the Gospel lived out.

  2. while I personally don’t like the label Calvinism – and am convinced John Calvin would not be too keen on it, either – it has, nevertheless become a legitimate term that conveys a specific body of convictions. And since it is a legitimate term, and since part of the context of the article was to define this system that has been receiving a renewed hearing in our culture, it seems appropriate to call what is described as a “healthy” Calvinism.

    There is also an “unhealthy” Calvinism. I suspect that this is what has, in previous generations, led to the negative stereotypes. But what was described is healthy and faithful to the Calvinist label… and it is being embraced by increasing numbers of people.

    My dislike of the label “Calvinism” has nothing to do with being ashamed of being a Calvinist – as some may infer could be the case from the above comment. My dislike is not because there is anything wrong with Calvinism. My concern is to put too much focus on a man – or a man’s name – at the expense of the man’s intent to understand the Gospel and to live in light of it.

    I do not make a distinction between Calvinism and the Gospel, as if they were at odds with one another. I firmly believe healthy Calvinism is simply living in light of the Gospel. And I believe that those who seek to live in light of the Gospel will look stragely similar to what many people call a Calvinst – a healthy Calvinist – whether they like being called by that name or not.

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