The Jesus Pledge




What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? What does it mean to be Gospel-driven?  I think my friend, Paul Miller, expresses it beautifully in The Jesus Pledge:

I pledge my life to Jesus and the Gospel.  I want Jesus not to be just part of my life or something that makes me feel good, but to be the very center – controlling everything.  I want only the knowledge of the love of God.  I want to know Christ. 

I want no desire, idol, or sinful way of dealing with hurt to control any part of my life no matter how small.  I put away from myself the love of money, power, comfort, and success.  I count everything rubbish. 

I bind myself to Christ as bond-servant for life.  I want no master other than Christ.  I purpose to own nothing.  I surrender to Jesus my family, my friends, my ministry, my ideas, my possessions, and my future. 

I commit myself to submission to others and a willingness to learn from all kinds of Christians.  I commit myself to speak only your words, not my own.  I commit myself to speak the truth in love to others.

I want to love people.  I want to lay down my life for others, especially those closest to me, as God gives us grace.  I want to love people by telling them about Jesus.

I understand that this will mean suffering in my life, that I will join in the sufferings of Christ.  But that I always want to be dying, so that I can always be living in Christ. 

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