The Gospel & Parental Sin

Last week I became rightfully angry at one of my children. (I won’t say which one.)  But in my anger I sinned against him. (Okay, the ‘him’ narrows it down some.) I had neglected the counsel of King David, who wrote: “In your anger do not sin.” (Psalm 4:4)  In my reprimand I was way too harsh.

A few moments later I went back and apologized. While remaining firm about his offense, I told him my offense was even worse and asked for his forgiveness.

Things are normal now.

I am sure I am not the only parent who has crossed this line. In fact we all do. And we may wonder what the lingering effect will be on our child, and on our relationship… 

At such times we need to remind oursleves of the hope of the Gospel.

I appreciate C.J. Mahaney and, right now in particular, a very brief message of his I stumbled across this week titled: The Gospel + Parental Sin.    C.J. discusses our moments of failure as parents, and how the Gospel relates.

If you, like me, ever cross the line as a parent, I recommend taking the time to hear what C.J. has to say. (Run time = 2:39)

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