The Secret to Restoring the Glories of Our Past

J. Gresham Machen, in the Introductory chapter of his 1923 classic Christianity and Liberalism, wrote:

“The condition of mankind is such that one may well ask what it is that made the men of past generations so great and the men of the present generation so small. In the midst of all the material achievements of modern life, one may well ask the question whether in gaining the whole world we have not lost our own soul.”

Certainly a question worth at least some consideration.

Machen goes on to ask:

“Is there some lost secret, which if rediscovered will restore to mankind something of the glories of the past?”

To which, Machen then answers his own question:

“Such a secret the writer of this little book would discover in the Christian religion.”

And I’d have to concur, if by “the Christian religion” Machen means a holistic biblical Christianity of both Word and Deed, properly (although not equally) balanced upon fulfilling both of the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord” AND “Love your neighbors”.

Resource: Christianity and Liberalism