5 Reasons to Recover the Practice of Confession

My Confession

Is confession something that Evangelical Christians should practice regularly? or Is confession a practice rooted in the superstition of some by-gone tradition?

Joe Thorn gives a handful of good reasons why Confession should be part of the regular Christian practice:

1. Confession Acknowledges God’s Place and Authority In our Lives

By a sincere and hearty confession of sin we acknowledge God to be our Sovereign Lord, and that he has the right to impose his law upon us.  (Exodus 20)

2. Confession Agrees With God’s Judgment Against Sin

By confessing our sin, we subscribe to his righteous judgments that are pronounced against it.  (Psalm 51.3 – 4)

3. Confession Admits We Are Unworthy of God’s Grace

By the confessing of sin, we show how little we deserve the least mercy from God.

4. Confession Affirms Our Hatred of Sin 

By [confessing sin] we show whether our hearts love sin, or hate sin. He who heartily confesses his sin, is like him who having a thief or a traitor in his house, brings him out to condign punishment; but he that forbears to confess, is like him who hides a thief or traitor against the laws and peace of our Lord the King.

5. Confession Accepts God’s Grace as Our Only Hope

He that confesseth his sin, casts himself at the feet of God’s mercy, utterly condemns and casts away his own righteousness, and concludes there is no way to stand just and acquit before God, but by and through the righteousness of another; whether God is resolved to bring us, if ever he saves our souls.  (Psalm 51.1-3; 1 John 1.9; Philippians 3.6-8)

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