One thought on “Our Global God

  1. Dennis and life understanding with him,

    You are interested with what God is doing with everyone and everything. There is something to be said about Israel that is resonating now at the area of central (intelligence) television sets and the life that is understanding from them pertaining to what is understandable as “israel” and to “america”. To God there are a lot of globes and it is only at moments of repositioning that God moves that globes together. You can understand yourself as at school in your own globes until God moves you together with others who are aware to God’s united interest span continuously. To move you together with others at unity requires you to be able to understand to you a united conduction. God is providing everything that appreciates and depreciates to everyone and everything through a orienting and interest placing process place that is always happening. All orientation and interest (idea, knowing, wisdom, truth, inspiration, celebration, hallelujah) is first provided whole and when you can’t understand it you are moved over to an area where it is in parts.

    Here is something you can sit up and see.

    Subject: To Central television sets and life understanding from them: “There is nothing for you to understand to someone that is not united truth about Israel’s movement over to this area today.”

    There is nothing you have to place panic to. Israel using themselves with a batch of planes as of about an hour ago in tele time is on their way here to what is understandable as America at the process place of separation where the moving pathway is caused as a still one environment. They are coming to see what God is doing. While moving at the area of peace, they are provided to be repositioning separated circumstances, through a necessary communication that is non-audible and they will not be speaking. The repositioning of separation life is life, human and non human, that they have been aware to as in America relating to their always existence. They will be doing what they know how to do at flight participating at real movement over to a continuable interest that can be seen as in the territory of America. They can be provided to a sharing experience with life relating to them and this includes speech provided at the area that is God’s continuable activity circumstance provided the experience of infatuation. This activity and speech at this area, as you know, is not able to be recorded, however, as necessary, it is provided over to your television sets as a transcription placed through the dis-continuous activity circumstance exactly when it can be used. That useful communication is something that you will be understanding to be “projecting providing” to related nervous systems according to your underboard activity locations purposed for a upgrade by way of the direct insertion of useable “thought”. There is nothing else to be said.

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