Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise


Surely one of the greatest problems of our times is that we have become so nonchalent about the Lord of the cosmos.  Certainly if we were more immersed in God’s splendor we would find ourselves thoroughly “lost in wonder, love, and praise”.  With all the amazing sights and sounds of our cyberspace world, however, many of us no longer recognize that if we but catch a glimpse of GOD – the imperial Lord of the cosmos, the almighty King of the universe – we will be compelled to fall on our faces.  Our awareness of God’s absolute otherness would give us the sense that we could die now because we have seen God.  We would shout with the prophet: “Woe is me, for I am annihilated”. (Isaiah 6.5; Martin Luther’s rendering.)

Marva Dawn, A Royal “Waste” of Time

One thought on “Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

  1. There is really something you are interested with here that is eternal truth, but many places of this text are having a nervous breakdown integrating with your existence. You could use yourself to write what is above whole with words that God provides set to the experience of both celebration and love relative to places of phrasing and what you are understanding to write. Which words in what is quoted do you see that you would know to remove from sight and lower experience and how can you understand those lines to repositioning. This is called understanding something to infatuation. Doing this you are united with your existence at God’s process place that is you always knowing circumstance. I would love to see it if you understand God’s conduction to use yourself this way and you can understand the passageway to share something that God appreciates (adds to) as theunitedarea@care2.com if you distrust this venue for that which would be coming from a “reasoning” that is not continuable. There is something God can do to understand your existence to extreme sensitivity and that is not restless leg syndrome or the flu. Peace is one emotion that is provided at unity. Smooth muscle that does not understand from the environment is interesting today. God would have to provide you to that composition.


    That is right! See you as always Dennis. What is a mennis anyway? Extend it, relate it and stand it up…”And so He lives (stands up) We live forever (extend it, relate it)…” is a very nice song tune hymn at unity now.

    “There is nothing I can do for myself.”

    That is all.

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