Gospel-centered Foundation

Tom Wood and Scott Thomas explain the essence and importance of being truly gospel-centered:

We are persuaded that the gospel must be the central foundation for effective, God-honoring biblical [leadership].  It is imperative, therefore, that we know what the gospel is and how it informs our practices. Terms like justification, adoption, sanctification, and sin are often clearly defined in several historical church documents, creeds, and confessions of the church. But there are surprisingly few classical definitions of the gospel.

There is a reason for this.  Some have attempted to distill the deep truths of the gospel in terms of laws (the “Four Spiritual Laws, for example) or have tried to visually illustrate the message by means of a bridge.  Others summarize the main points with headings like: God, Sin, Christ, and Faith, or by giving the high points of the story arc of the Bible.  This approach communicates the gospel through movements in redemptive history and is often summarized by creation, sin, and redemption, or by creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.

In truth, the gospel is more of a story than a simple definition.  In order to really grasp the gospel message, you have to immerse yourself in the narratives of the Bible, because transforming faith is more than just a statement that we accept; it is something that connects with both our minds and our hearts. It is a true story, rich with drama, action, and eternal significance.

This passage is excerpted from their excellent book, Gospel Coach.

2 thoughts on “Gospel-centered Foundation

  1. Gods Word gives us a very clear understanding of the Gospel. No better words, no creed of man, no contrived document, no confession or otherwise needed.

    Gods Word is clear about the definition of the Gospel. As far as the Bridge and 4 Spirtual Laws, these are just tools to be used in the hands of those who would communicate the Gospel to others and never meant to be an end in them selves.

    God has used these tools by the way in un-numbered lives.

    I love the last paragraph in the post. As I think the author has hit the mark finally. Not too sure why it took so long to get there ?

  2. The good and answerable to you directly question is, “What is the foundation for God’s causation of absolute knowing?” God’s causation of united knowing placed according to your earthly experiencing area having united meaning with the existence area of Jesus is how you are interested perpetually. To understand bridges and connection is to misunderstand unity going back and forth in the area of integration with internet and TV sets where God is not providing peace. This area of life is caused as the different environment or “of the world” being pressurized and separated back and forth. Separation is the same as a disconnect and when that occurs you can understand to look around for a continuable united interest. Peace to you and to the life that is able to be infatuated with what God is doing with everyone and everything.

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