I Wish I Had Said That

OK. I’ll admit it. After reading J.D. Greear‘s book, Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary, I found myself subtly frustrated… Disappointed…


Not because of anything in the book J.D. wrote, but because it was a book that I wish I had written! So I am jealous… envious… and greatly appreciative.

This is a book I could have written.  It is not that I would have written it as well as J.D. did. But in this book J.D elaborates on a number of practical issues that I have found need to be explored and explained from a gospel-centered perspective.  And J.D. nails it. He interacts with the writings of many of the same folks who have helped shape my own understanding, illustrates the principles, and applies them to an assortment of questions and confusions that many seem to have when first introduced to gospel-centered Christianity.

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