Steve Childers is Founder and President of Global Church Advancement. He is also professor of Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando.  In a former life Steve was an effective pastor and church planter.  A  number of years ago I had the privilege of taking a doctoral class in church planting under Steve’s tutelage.  I have appreciated him ever since.

Now Steve has done us the favor of, not only sharing his great insights about ministry and church planting but, chronicling his biggest ministry mistakes.  These mistakes are obviously beneficial for fellow pastors to aviod.  But I think that these short, insightful confessions can also profit others in church leadership, be it those holding official office or those with unofficial influence. In fact, some of Steve’s insights translate to the values we hold that shape our lives and congregations.

In no particular order:

  1. Failure to Understand the Importance of How I Define Ministry Success
  2. Managing My Time and NOT Managing My Life
  3. Not Understanding the Difference Between My Goals and My Desires
  4. Not Understanding the Difference Between Pursuing the Grace of God and the God of Grace
  5. Failure to Understand the Way Up is the Way Down
  6. Failure to Understand the Priority of People Over Programs
  7. Not Understanding Product Living vs. Process Living
  8. Failure to Initiate Supportive Relationships

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