Erasing Hell

Recent discussion about Judgement and Hell, spurred largely by a recent book by Rob Bell, have prompted many to rethink what they believe – what Scripture teaches – about this subject.  Among them, Francis Chan in this video titled Erasing Hell.

I had thought I was done with this thread, but Chan’s reflections warrant hearing.

4 thoughts on “Erasing Hell

  1. Thanks for the heads up, David. I will have to look into this. The video is showing on all the browsers I have checked.

  2. Yah, Chan has a way of communicating thats very down to earth and understandable. I like how he talks directly yet with much humility and Grace.

    I looked up the video on U-tube. I’m sure the book he’s writing will be very well done. I understand there are a few book in work that are answering Bell’s perspective or at least presenting a different view. A more Biblical approach if thats fair.

  3. OK. I figured out the problem. Whoever posted the video on YouTube removed it after I posted. I have now replaced the link. The video should be viewable on this post.

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