Offensive Grace

Why does not the faith of the average Christian seem to bring about the change we would hope? Could it be that many have a faulty understanding of the Gospel?

Dan Allender, in his book Bold Love, offers the following:

“If our sin is mere failure to conform – simply a mistake to do what is right – forgiveness is really the granting of an opportunity to try again.  In that light, it is like forgetting to finish one’s homework.  We deserve a low grace, and grace becomes merely the privilege of doing it over to get a higher mark.  Such a view of grace might generate appreciation, but it would never drive us to worship.  If, in fact, sin is not only failure to hit the mark of God’s perfection, but also a deep, insidious energy that desires to eradicate from our existence an affronting God who demands perfection, then forgiveness becomes breathtaking, incredible, and wonderfully insulting.”

It seems we underestimate our sin. Consequently we undervalue God’s grace.

3 thoughts on “Offensive Grace

  1. Dennis good post. Could it also be not only our lack of understanding of the depth of our sin, but our real lack of following Jesus in the first place. (which when it’s boiled down is sin)

    Not understanding our call in Christ to really pick up Cross and follow Him. To leave the comfort of the world behind and boldly step out in trust of our Saviour to take care of us as we follow him and really love others.

    I just wonder at times if this isn’t at the heart of why things don’t seem to change much. Our lack of faith and trust trying to live out the Christian life on our terms, in our comfort, in our sin !

  2. Not only is our lack of following Jesus an expression of sin, but our lack of desire to follow Jesus is also evidence of sin.

    We must be careful not to label sin as simply the things we do and don’t do. Sin is the condition of humanity that effects every aspect of our being: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, etc. Even when we are redeemed, and our sin condition is under a death sentence, we continue to be effected and influenced by sin. This is why Scripture reminds us that our hearts are deceitful and cannot be trusted…

    Since in reality we do whatever it is we really want to do, when we do not follow Jesus, we need to ask ourselves why we do not want to follow Jesus… This is the root of our problem. How we express sin is simply the evidence of the often hidden reality.

    In the end this is the lack of understanding of sin. And if we do not understand our sin, not only in general terms but specifically, then we do not understand the gospel. And if we do not understand the gospel, is it any surprise that we do not wholeheartedly want to follow Jesus?

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