Bible in 6 Minutes

Is there a particular theme that runs through the whole Bible?  No doubt there are many stories and lessons, but is there a central message by which we can connect all else?

Dane Ortland asked several pastors and scholars if they could summarize the Bible in one sentence. Here are some notable responses:

John Frame:

God glorifies himself in the redemption of sinners.

Kent Hughes:

God is redeeming his creation by bringing it under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Tom Schreiner:

God reigns over all things for his glory, but we will only enjoy his saving reign in the new heavens and the new earth if we repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the crucified and risen Lord and who gave himself on the cross for our salvation.

Mark Dever:

God has made promises to bring His people to Himself and He is fulfilling them all through Christ.

Kevin DeYoung:

A holy God sends his righteous Son to die for unrighteous sinners so we can be holy and live happily with God forever.

And, finally, my favorite…

Ray Ortlund:

The Lover of our souls won’t let the romance die, but is rekindling it forever.

In the above video Bible scholar D.A. Carson provides a concise, comprehensive, and comprehensible, summary of the theme that permeates the entire Bible.

One thought on “Bible in 6 Minutes

  1. Dennis, Thank You for sharing this on your Blog ! Great post, I love this stuff.

    Also like the Gospel sentenses. A good exercise to try to capture the Gospel in one sentense. At the end of Chapter 5 of Matthew Jesus says to be perfect as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. In the context of the verses in the last part of Mattthew chapter 5 Jesus speaks of what true love is. I think Ray Ortland’s sentence hit the nail on the head. Love it.

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