Choosing a Book

Richard Baxter wrote:

“Make careful choice of the books which you read.”

Baxter went on to state:

You need a judicious teacher at hand to direct you about what books to use or to refuse, for among good books there are some very good that are sound and lively, and some good but mediocre, and some weak and somewhat dull; and some are very good in part, but have mixtures of error, or incautious, injudicious expressions.  These are fitter to puzzle than edify the weak.

The folks at Together for the Gospel (T4G) have published a series of posts offering counsel for Reading & Studying. While these posts are primarily directed to pastors, the wisdom should be appreciated, and insights appropriated, by anyone serious about growing in grace and godliness.   C.J. Mahaney, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever serve as the “judicious teachers” Richard Baxter said we need.

One thought on “Choosing a Book

  1. Love books ! I especially like reading, Piper, Keller, Bridges, love Schaeffer, Kempis, Packer had a lot of influence early on in my Christian walk. I enjoy Don Miller, Frances Chan and his heart for Following Jesus, John Burke, Rainer, Barna, and so many others.

    I very wise Pastor told me to always remember… read a lot, study to be sure… but be master of one book. God’s Holy Word. Be consumed by it and allow it to be made part of you.

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