Biblical Parenting with Tedd Tripp

Tedd Tripp is a renowned Gospel-centered teacher.  His book, Shepherding  A Childs Heart is a must-read for Christian parents.  It is one fo the few resources I have run across that recognizes the heart as the center of development and change.  Most resources on parenting, including Christian parenting resources, focus more on various behavioristic techniques. Tripp recognizes that even if we can get our children to comply, outward obedience is not the objective of Christian discipleship, following the Lord out of heart-felt obedience is.  Tripp explores how targeting the hearts of our children – and revealing the passions and flaws in our own hearts – shapes the child from the inside out.

In October 2008 Tripp led a Biblical Parenting Conference at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Thanks to the folks at The Resurgence the audios of all five session of that conference are available for downloading:

2 thoughts on “Biblical Parenting with Tedd Tripp

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  2. Good book from what I understand. Havn’t read it yet but it’s on my list. Probably has much application to bigger kids as well !

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