Does Doctrine Merely Divide Us?

In this video, Lane Chaplin convincingly explains the God-given mandate to dig into theology. He also illustrates the practical importance.

Does doctrine divide us? Sadly, sometimes it does – or rather, sometime Christians do divide over doctrine.  But doctrine also unites. It unites us with other believers, both of our own day and of ages past.  And, when properly discerned, doctrine unites our minds with the mind of God.  I would say that is worth a little work.

3 thoughts on “Does Doctrine Merely Divide Us?

  1. Dennis, two good posts on Doctrin & theology. Very good resons presented for study and knowledge of sound doctrin. I assume thst’s the intent. But even sound doctrin doesn’t mean life transformation showing it’s self in personal discipleship or in loving God and others and making of disciples.

    But sound doctrine when married with a heart for God and others put into practice is of a higher calling than just being doctrinally correct and “right” in our theology or beliefs.

    I don’t think we can seperate sound doctrine as an end to it’s self. Else we become a bit like TR’s in our approach and as 1 Cor 13 tells us we become as sounding brass.

    I think you would agree that sound doctrin should help lead us to loving God more and working out of our faith through the Gospel.

    There’s more to us than sound doctrin. But yes, it’s our foundation. Without it we build a house of sand.

    Issue is so much of the time. What constitutes sound doctrin? Probably why we have so many denominations. But I think it’s all settled when we focus on the Gospel and keep the Gospel the center of our lives and love for God and others.

    Good stuff.

  2. David,

    I cannot debate anything you stated. As I have said many times: “Some people are dead right in their doctrine – sadly mostly dead.”

    However, while some are dead right, the bigger issue in contemporary Evangelicalism is an aversion to doctrine, an unwillingness to dig. So while the problem you cite exists, I publish these two posts to “prophetically” confront issues facing our congregation and the culture at large. (Those who are dead right might be prevalent in our presbytery, but in reality they are relatively few in number and almost entirely irrelevant to the culture and Kingdom advancement – amazingly because they choose to be.)

    While the presence of “correct” doctrine does not guarantee transformed lives, the absence of it does guarantee that lives will not be wholly transformed. (See Hebrews 5.12) Not to mention this is a direct disregard for Christ’s command and the Apostles’ instruction.

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