5 thoughts on “The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor

  1. Not concerned about Our God and Lord hearing the crys of the poor. Just wonder about America’s Churches and the people (me too) who claim to follow Jesus hearing the crys of the poor.

    I think the poor are not only those who have no money, no food, no shelter, but those that are poor in spirit, and poor in knowledge of our Lord Jesus, those with no hope.

    We all have a part to play ……

  2. David, I suspect it may be semantics, but we MUST be concerned about our God hearing the cry of the poor. It is what he promised. It is our hope.

    I understand you are concerned about Christians reaching out to the poor. But if this is not God’s heart, then it ought not be ours. If it is God’s heart, then it must be ours. We are called to engage in the Missio Dei the Mission of God.

    My concern about the semantics is that it is not only Liberlas who promote a Christ-less Christianity. It is also well-intentioned Evangelicals. But if our mission is prompted by anything other than the the Missio Dei, and specifically the mission of Christ, then all our labors are an expression of self-righteousness. Whether that is our motive or not, that is what is conveyed if we do not attach our efforts to Christ.

    • Dennis, of course God hears the crys of the poor. What I’m saying is do you ? Do I ? Does the Church in America ?

      This has nothing to do with sematics. It’s about putting feet to whats on God’s heart !

  3. David, you must have missed what I was trying to say. If you are NOT concerned if God hears the cry of the poor, then you are more concerned about your own actions than the gospel. I did not believe that this is what you wanted to say, thus I stated it as semantic. It may not have been your primary point, and you clearly “assumed” that God hears the cry of the poor, but it is an essential point that cannot be assumed or overlooked.

  4. Yes. No question ! The Gospel is firts and formost and what is driving us. I did miss your meaning there. But think we were saying similar things or at least thinking in the same direction.

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