Questions of Prophets, Priests, and Kings

Some time ago I introduced the concept of Tri-perspectivalism, the recognition that every Church ought to reflect the three offices of Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King.  Each person, or Christian leader, has a natural inclination toward one of these perspectives, but all three are equally necessary to reflect Christ in our Body.

There are many questions that can be, and have been, asked. Perhaps among the most practical is: How do I know which I am?  To answer that question there is no substitute for experience – exprience in service and experience of genuine relationships.  But questions may still remain if we are not certain what we are looking for. 

In an address from the 2009 Acts 29 Bootcamp, Darrin Patrick offers the following questions. Patrick suggests that persons inclined to each perspective tend to ask reflective questions:


  • WHAT does the Bible say?
  • WHERE are we going because of what the Bible says?


  • HOW are we going to do that?
  • WHY are they/we doing that?


  • WHO?  (Priests are all about people and shepherding.)

Do you find yourself frequently asking any of these questions? Perhpas it is an indication of how God has wired you.

One thought on “Questions of Prophets, Priests, and Kings

  1. Perhaps….

    Just maybe another way of knowing how God has wired us is if we get involved at all !

    So many “christians” today are really just consummers and fit into just another aspect of our modern post Christian culture. That is with no real understanding, or heart for ministry to others. We attend Church because thats what we are supposed to do, and thats where our friends are, and it looks pretty good and we get to do some good projects once in a while. They may even be very good things !

    Always thought God equips His people as they get “involved” down and dirty with others. That is, instead of just attending Church each time the doors are opened, as if that is a measure of someone’s spirituality, and relationship with God, they become the Church to others. Help the poor, vist the fatherless, and the widows, help the sick, those in prison, those in need and so many other things.

    I think we find out how we are wired not because someone points out to us what they think or belive we are like, but by what we really do and are. Sure others (who really know us) can point out some strengths or weakness. But for the most part, those are just perceptions viewed through a set of assumptions or comparisons which give most people false information. But we find out our God given abilities as we get involed with others in close relationships and ministry. We find out how God has not only gifted us, but equiped us with skills, knowledge, and abilities for helping and to minister to others.

    Just another thought is all. After all, we are Priests and Kings….

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