Living Missionally in the Mountain Empire

In this video Tim Keller offers some insights about ministry in areas that still largely hold to traditional conservative values.

This is helpful to me because the place where I live and serve is still largely characterized this way.

While I embrace a missional mindset, how our church lives that out in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia will look very different from how Keller lives it out in Manhattan and others live it out in places like San Francisco or Seattle.

One thought on “Living Missionally in the Mountain Empire

  1. Yep ! I think it’s harder to minister in places like ours than in places like say in a big city environment. People here have heard the Gospel and and seen the results (many times not good results because of legistic attitudes) where many times people in the city may, believe it or not, have not heard the Gospel or understand that we have loving God and that he calles people to him. That he forgives sin, and loves the broken hearted…and those who hurt.

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