Sad Day in the PCUSA

We’ve seen it coming.  It has become more iminent with each turn of the calendar page.  But somehow, perhaps naively, I had hoped it would never arrive.  But at the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (not to be confused with the PCA) commissioners voted to strike the language from their constitution that reflects the Biblical prescritions regarding sexuality.  Now both sex outside the bonds of marriage and homosexuality are officially acceptable practices within the PCUSA. (see article.)

I don’t want to be prudish, nor the guardian of some past Victorian era.  My dismay is at the sheer rejection of Biblical authority.  I am hardpressed to understand how any group can call itself a Christian church, yet blatently disregard God’s Word. 

I am also a bit peeved because most of the country makes no distinction between the PCUSA and the PCA, of which I am a member.  To most people, and especially in the part of the country where I live, a Presbyterian is a Presbyterian.  Their action will tarnish the image of our church.

I am reticent to say this, but I think the time has come for the Christians to abandon the PCUSA.  If you are a member in the PCUSA it is time you asked the leadership in your congregation where they stand. If the church wants to stand on Biblical authority, then you need to urge them to leave the denomination – join those who are joining the EPC.  If your church will not start the process of leaving, then I think it’s time for you to leave that church. Why? Because if you are a Christian, your church has left you. And more important, the PCUSA has left Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Sad Day in the PCUSA

  1. I sense a trend in your last two posts. Both call for abandoning mainstream presbyterian institutions. First committees and now whole denominations. : )

  2. Well, I don’t know about traditional, but this post is a call to return to historic Presbyterianism, rooted in the Pursuit of the Glory of God, formed our faith and life practices by the authority of Scripture alnoe, the Gospel of the Kingdom, and all the implications of becomming a priesthood of believers.

  3. Ce qui se produit chez vous se produira certainement chez nous aussi en France. Le problème c’est l’amalgame entre l’amour du pecheur et le la justification du péché. Aimer le pécheur n’est pas accepter son péché. Les grandes dénominations ne le comprennent pas car elles suivent leur élan et non pas le souffle de l’Esprit. Fratenellement.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you on this. I have to be sure to say I am a member of the “conservative” Presbyterian Church just to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or letting someone walk about thinking I belong to “the others”. I think the Word addresses these topics sufficiently to give no room for additional interpretation. If the only message of the Father applicable today is “God is love”, then paying for printing costs for Bibles would be infinitely less.

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