Boys of Fall

Another football season is about to Kickoff. In fact, in some places it already has.

For the first time in 15 years neither of my sons will be on a sideline this year.  While one of them expects to be coaching high school football this time next year, his eligibility at his college has expired. Now he will focus on his student teaching for the Fall, and the steps toward life.  My younger son has decided to hang up his cleats and focus on youth ministry instead.  While he is still in school, and has two seasons of eligibility left, after being sidetracked by a couple of frustrating injuries, he has set his sights on more important things.  And with my coaching days behind me, for the first time in a long time, we will all be mere spectators this season.

Nevertheless, Kenny Chesney’s video and song evokes strong memories and emotions. It brings back a sense of joy and satisfaction, something I can share with my two sons – even if our experiences were for the most part a generation apart.  If you ever played game – whether in high school or college football, or whatever, you know what I mean.

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