2014 MLB Opening Day

MLB 2014 Opening Day

This being Opening Day of the 2014 Baseball Season. Here are the teams whose box scores I will be regularly looking up these next several months:

Technically I am a Pirates/Phillies fan, having grown up in Philadelphia and then learned to enjoy the Pirates while living for several years in Pittsburgh’s Eastern Suburbs.  While not a fair weather fan, I fluctuate as to which team I cheer for most, with no rational explanation behind it.  This is not a problem, except for when they play each other.  But then, I don’t lose.

Living in Virginia, the O’s and the Nationals are the teams on our cable stations.  I became a fan of the O’s – or at least they became my favorite American League team – some time ago, when we spent a year living in Winchester, Virginia.  The Orioles were on almost every night – O-TV.  The Nationals have an exciting collection of young players, and older guys who used to play for the Phillies and/or the Piratres.  While not really a fan, I enjoy watching them play from time to time.  And if neither of the Pennsylvania squads can take a pennant, I guess I’d rather see the Nationals do it than anyone else.

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