PCA GA 2012

Whew! This has been a busy couple of weeks.

  • I had a couple of unexpected funerals to perform – a married couple where both husband and wife passed a few days apart, both of natural causes.  The husband was in ICU for serious pneumonia, when the wife collapsed and died one morning. Five days later the husband passed – without ever knowing his wife had preceded him.  A godly couple – which makes their passing bitter sweet.
  • I have been preparing for an upcoming mission trip to Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina.
  • Baseball season snuck up on me. I know it’s been going on for a couple months now in the big cities. But in the Appalachian League Opening Day is tonight.  I serve as chaplain for the Bristol White Sox, the Rookie League affiliate of the Big League folks from Chicago. So I have spent the past few days meeting and greeting the new players and the coaches as they have arrived in town. And I won’t even be in town to watch the opening home stand!  I have business out of town – which I will get to in a minute.
  • In addition to the above, I have been preparing a number of message. In addition to my regular message prep, I spoke at chapel service for a mission agency last week, and I am preparing in advance for both my messages for next week  and for my chapel talks which begin next Sunday.  All this while being gone and in meetings for the rest of week.  On top of that, I have a column to complete for the local newspaper. Deadline comes while I am out of town.

I am not complaining. Sometimes these things all come together.  This is one of those times.   It’s all good.  It’s just that this time everything has come  while I am preparing to leave town for the remainder of the week.

It is not a vacation I am heading out to. It’s work. It’s enjoyable work. But it is work nevertheless…

This morning, my wife and I are headed for Louisville, Kentucky. We’ll no doubt hook up with old friends. But beginning this evening, and continuing through lunchtime Friday, I will be a commissioner at the 40th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

General Assembly – or GA, as it is commonly called – is a privilege of Elders within the PCA to review the work of the Church and guide the future direction of the denomination.  It is a privilege but it is not always a pleasure.  We have serious discussions, and sometimes with serious discussion comes serious disagreement.  But even in the less pleasurable moments, it is still an important gathering – one I have always appreciated as a churchman.

Just in case anyone is interested, G.A. will be Live Streamed at ByFaith Online. and updates will be regularly posted on Twitter.

One thought on “PCA GA 2012

  1. Shhh!abBAT: Be quiet about the bat.

    There is no such thing as death and everlasting life can be caused to you known about complete.

    There is nothing God will continue to understand from your area in the way this has been typed out and down here. What has been written here is received as a prayer which God receives together with life that is communicating about ambivalent circumstances needing information that is able to be used and if not used an absolute nervous break down to a location of your existence area that is misunderstanding God is caused.

    A nervous break down means that areas of your body or your environment which ever is understanding integrations with nervous system communication (the environment, the worldly word) when something different is able to be done will be separated which can be mis-understood as “death” to life that will come to know about life completely in some earthly circumstance where it can be had.

    ShabBAT from what is called “hebrew” vocabulary is interesting even to life in this area that can understand to be involved in the division within christianity as well as other areas. You can understand Shabbat together with movement that happens in the area of peace. Look into the definition of work within physics and know that this is only happening outside of what is the continuous “Kingdom of God”. Hallelujah is the experience of movement that happens in the area of always or what some appreciate God providing as the word Infinity.

    There are a lot of human beings who have understood christian information previously (“rapture of the church”) knowing about what God is doing completely right now.

    Baseball is a hard ball (“finding out about something from too much pressure”) that is interested in unification by way of going up to understand complete instead of separation by way of impact with slicing integrations. See what those guys can say that is interesting about high balls…be it a virgin high ball or an absolute linear pitch. Look around for what God did to cause water in barrels to pure wine which is not always the same as what you can get at a business persons liqueur five and dime.

    Life that turns continuously (everlasting) is experienced as love or “happy to see you” or “you are doing what you can continue to do”. Life that sits up at the center (“like a united God’s eye) united with God’s knowing is understanding what God is saying about what is interesting now experienced as instantaneous sight knowing through a non audible placement of communication.

    What God provides complete is beyond good. To say God is good is to say something in the area that understands the word lease. “There is nothing we can continue to have” is unacceptable within what is truth. What is experienced as loved is always provided and added to again and again.

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