Rethinking Sports Evangelism – Revisited

A few weeks ago I published a post titled: Rethinking Sports Evangelism.  I launched that post with a question about the profession of faith by ousted Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel.  I stated I did not know if Tressel is actually a Christian or not. I then moved on to consideration of the common objectives in evangelizing and discipling athletes, particularly high profile athletes.

Now I have found that former NFL player Jason Wright has offered some thoughts on the subjects of Jim Tressel and the relationship of Christianity and sports.

To answer my question about Tressel’s faith, Wright – who would know better than I – offers:

I believe Jim Tressel loves God. I believe he has faith that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. I also believe that he has a real personal relationship with the one true God. During my time playing for the Cleveland Browns, I was repeatedly told of the stellar job he did representing the faith at churches, parachurch fundraisers, and other Christian gatherings. I’ve heard equally positive reports from his former players. And I don’t think he was faking.

I am glad. I feel better knowing that.  And I have no reason to doubt anything Wright writes.

But it is what else Wright writes that is most intriguing.  As the title of the post reveals, Wright suggests: We Share Responsibility for Coach Tressl’s Fall.

This is a great and insightful post for Christian sports enthusiasts, well worth a few moments to read.

One thought on “Rethinking Sports Evangelism – Revisited

  1. Dennis this subject isn’t for those that have a public voice only or a visible presence on the sports networks, but for all of us.

    Being real with each other is a very uncommon these days. Weather it’s a major coach trying to follow the NCAA rules, a politician cought in adultry, a preacher involved in secreat sin, or those we hold as examples in any field that we somehow regard as supermen and woman and hold them up as examples for all to see.

    Issue is when we look to men and woman they will fail. We all are broken and in extreme need of our Lord and Savior’s Grace on our best days, let alone those times we fail and we hide it.

    Not sure of all the reasons but we are juts not good at letting each other know our weaknesses, our struggles, our fears, and even needs. We all have them…it’s juts weird we don’t discuss them very much as we are all to apt to say we are fine and all is well. When if the truth is known many are struggling with sin, fear, and how to live out our faith that really makes a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others as well.

    We all deal with the same stuff, not the same circumstance but with similar temptations and struggles. Time for us to be real and really show our love to each other.

    Wish I knew how to get that accomlished ………

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