In the Shepherd’s Fold

I have added a new link to my blogroll: Dumb Sheep Dave.  Since I began blogging, from time to time I have posted the musings of Weak Dave from Gospel Friendships. Well, now that same Dave has developed a new blog where he will share his sage reflections.

Why does he call the blog Dumb Sheep Dave? Well, Dave explains that in his introducotry post: Why Dumb Sheep Dave.  Check it out.

4 thoughts on “In the Shepherd’s Fold

  1. Dennis, I have to disagree with Clueless Sheep Dave on this one ! Don’t think Jesus ever promissed that we could live a care free, fun and stressless life: free of fear, frustration, and discouragement, let alone free from adverse circumstance.

    But He did promiss us rest and comfort in Him in spite of our circumstance. We also have the assurance of a peace that only comes from Him.

    That is no way saying that we don’t experience the advers things in life. In fact God uses adversity to shape, mold and grow us. Wonder what Joseph & Paul would say about Clueless Dumb Sheep Dave.

    I think I understand what Clueless Dumb Sheep Dave is trying to saying but don’t believe he has it right here nor I don’t believe Jesus is looking for Clueless Dumb followers. Ugh !…..

  2. David, Your point is valid. I take Dave as saying that we receive protection from those things – or protection when we experience those things – when we rest in our Good Shepherd and not in our own strength and plans. I do not think he means we will be spared the trials, only finding a peace and strength to endure – and sometime escape.

    • Yah, that makes sense and I believe that was what dave was trying to say. You just said it better !

      I like the issue you brought up about God giving us peace and strength to endure – and sometime escape. Having to escape at times is valid and the best alternative !

      • I am not sure escaping is always the best alternative. I would escape many of the very trials that God uses to shape and refine me. I am preparing a message for Sunday that will consider Joseph from Genesis 37-50… I wonder how many of the things God ordained for him, to shape him and use him, that Joseph would have preferred to escape.

        I know… that may be nit picky, and not exactly what you meant… but it is something to think about.

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