Satan Does Not Want You to See

Here are more keen thoughts by WeakDave:

Satan doesn’t want you to see,the danger of living in this world.  He wants you going through your day with your dukes down, as though you have nothing to fear.

He doesn’t want you to see how impossible it is to live as you were created to live – dependently.

He wants you minimizing the law, dumbing it down to where the Christian life is do-able and possible because you are a mature, responsible, sensible, adult follower of Jesus.

He doesn’t want you to recognize how pervasive and subtle the message of self-confidence is, whether you are watching TV, online, in church, or just driving down the road.

He wants you feeling good about yourself as your reason for living; your performance/decisions/reputation/righteousness.

He wants you distracted from fixing your eyes and thoughts on Jesus, and instead wants you self-absorbed.  Even your sacrifice for others, he will use to nurture a sense of worthiness in you.

He doesn’t want you asking for intervention from on High: to be freshly convicted of your sin of independence.

And once you recognize the problem, he wants you striving to abide in Jesus, instead of confessing your unbelief, your dissatisfaction with Jesus and His righteousness.

–StrongDave, needing prayer to function more as a Jesus-dependent, so the nonbelievers around him will be wowed and want the joy and peace that has nothing to do with circumstances (please pray now)

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