Whenever I Am Discouraged

Weak Dave is honest about himself; honest with himself.  He knows how to distinguish between a Confessional Faith and the functional unbelief of the heart.  What he describes is too often true of me.  I suspect it is true of may – though some will never look into the deep recesses of their own heart for fear of what they might discover.  But preaching the gospel to oursleves sets us free.

Ponder Weak Dave’s insight:

I can never remember a time when I was discouraged, that I wasn’t also concerned about my own righteousness, performance, reputation, or somebodiness – my passion to feel good about myself based on my performance. Same is true for every time I’ve been fearful, or frustrated/angry.  My unhappiness, lack of joy/peace, always has to do with me and my performance, or my inability to fix someone I love – which is another example of my performance, or lack thereof.

Whenever I’m fearful, frustrated, discouraged or bored, Jesus means very little to me, and His righteousness is definitely unsatisfying: I want something more – some righteousness of my own. I want, more than anything in the world, to be able to feel good about self, and I don’t.

So the next time I’m stuck there, what can I do? Confess my sin of unbelief, my sin of dissatisfaction with Jesus and His righteousness.

–IndependentDave, needing prayer to be so freshly captivated by Jesus, that nothing else hardly matters, and the nonbelievers around him are wowed and want what he has (please pray now).

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