Strength Addiction

Here is another insight from our friend, WeakDave:

“Strength addiction is the most unconfessed sin in the church.”

WeakDave elaborates:

Believers today seem barely aware of how much we love strength – even worship it – in others, and in ourselves.   Instead, we focus on the technicolor sins, outside-the-cup sins, like adultery, homosexuality, substance abuse, child abuse, wife abuse, irresponsible debt, and other anti-biblical values.   Why?   So we feel good about ourselves, by comparison.   We don’t see ourselves as huge sinners, because we’ve dumbed down the law to where it’s keepable, doable: keep your nose clean, keep your act together, so you can feel good about yourself, and other believers see you as a good Christian, and you have a good witness to non-believers.

But the devil wants us clueless about our addiction to strength, so we walk around with enormous unconfessed sin, which causes us to minimize Jesus; weirds our enjoyment of Jesus; and motivates us to spend our lives obsessing over our own agendas to be strong, confident, and together

  • so we feel good about self
  • so others admire us, even envy us, maybe even worship us  

Instead, we passionately avoid weakness of any kind, because we do not want to be pitied by others, or even by ourselves.

Why do I like to wear strong clothes, drive a strong car, have a strong house, have a strong spouse, strong body, speak with confidence & strength, write with strength, have strong, successful children/grandchildren, be a fan of a winning sports team?  
  • So I feel good about self.  
  • So I’m not a loser in the eyes of others – or in my own eyes.  
When strength-addiction rules my life, Jesus and His righteousness, is not a big deal.   When Jesus is a big deal, I don’t care about being strong, and I am free to be weak, to fail, to be a loser.   There is power in the Blood: Power to live and love with the kind of reckless abandon – the kind of care-free living that every human desires.   Joyful and peaceful regardless of my circumstances.

“Cheer up,” Jack Miller used to say, “You’re much worse than you’ve ever imagined. And God’s love for huge sinners is far greater than you’ve ever dreamed.”  He who has a sense of having been forgiven only a little feels loved by God only a little, and loves God only a little.   The nicest, sweetest, kindest thing He ever does for us, is to freshly convict us of our sin.

-StrongDave, needing prayer every day, to be freshly captivated by Jesus, so Jesus is the big deal in his life; so non-believers around him are wowed and wants what he has.

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