PCA GA 2010

This morning, my wife and I are headed for my old hometown – Nashville. We’ll do more than just hook up with old friends. Beginning this evening, and continuing through lunchtime Friday, I will be a commissioner at the 38th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

General Assembly – or GA, as it is commonly called – is a privilege of Elders within the PCA to review the work of the Church and guide the future direction of the denomination.  It is a privilege but it is not always a pleasure.  We have serious discussions, and sometimes with serious discussion comes serious disagreement.  But even in the less pleasurable moments, it is still an important gathering – one I have always appreciated as a churchman.

I was asked this past week what some of the major issues of discussion will be this year.  There are a few of varying degrees of importance. But, I suspect, of chief importance will be our discussion of a proposed Strategic Plan.  This plan tries to reconcile our hisoric commitments and our practices in our present culture.  It attempts to ask some difficult questions – questions that many would probably prefer to not have to deal with – and offers some difficult,  potentially controversial, suggestions.  While I anticipate some moments of tension during this discussion, I am looking forward to hearing my fellow commissioners offer thoughts coming from various perspective.

Realizing that some of the readers of this blog have some relationship within the PCA, or at least an interest in some of the issues the PCA wrestles with, I am posting links to a series of brief videos featuring Bryan Chapell, President of Covenent Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  In these videos Bryan presents the background that necessitated the drafting of such a Strategic Plan, and explains the significant proposals – some of which may even be viewed as radical proposals – contained in this Strategic Plan.  If you are an Officer in the PCA (especially at Walnut Hill), or a committed member of a PCA congregation (again, especially at Walnut Hill), I want to encourage you to take some time to hear what Dr. Chapell presents.  

PCA Strategic Plan:

For those who are curious about what others are saying about the PCA Strategic Plan, and to get an overview of a proposed alternate plan, my friend Matt Bohling recently posted his thoughts and links to other insightful resources. Click: I Love the PCA Plan

4 thoughts on “PCA GA 2010

  1. Dennis I just finished the video’s. I was impressed. Beian Chapel sounds like a great leader.

    I really liked the strategic Plan summery. I think everyone needs to listen to these. Good stuff here and hope it’s voted in the positive.

    Also liked ideas of safe places, generational transfer, Global Missions, more seats etc…

    I liked Brians ideas about working more cooperatively with others and within the PCA. He almost at times sounded like a Southern Baptist with his bent on coorportive encouragements.

    Really good stuff here. Makes me a more hopeful regarding PCA directions.

  2. By the way a great pic of the cityscape. That would make a nice painting, light the sky and light. Looks hopeful to me…

  3. I would say Bryan sounds exactly like someone deeply rooted in healthy presbyterianism. Don’t let the dead-beats fool you. Even the leading missional SBC guys acknowldege they are recovering their roots AND following in the footsteps of the PCA being sound in doctrine, committed to personal spiritual formation, and the mission.

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