Leaning One Way or Another

Here is a new insight from our old friend, WeakDave:

I want to be astonished/captivated, by You, Lord, today, instead of being astonished/captivated by human achievement: by Others [or] by my own. 

I need intervention from on High, to be different.  I want to be different, but I find myself unable to change myself. 

Thank You for my inability.  If I were able, I wouldn’t need You. And my flesh would love that. My flesh delights in independence, strength, confidence, discernment, so that I end up judge/discerner of all; Leaning on my own understanding.

StrongDave, needing prayer to embrace being WeakDave, dependent, childlike, clueless, with a Jesus-humility and a Jesus-love that non-believers find compelling, so they will want what he has.

One thought on “Leaning One Way or Another

  1. Dennis, This is a very good reminder that when we are weak He is strong. Just to be astonished and captivated by Jesus today !

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