Evangelical Manifesto Revisited

Several weeks ago I posted about the publication of An Evangelical Manifesto, by Timothy George and Os Guinness among others.  I like the document, and have signed it – not that anyone really cares what I sign.

Since its release the Manifesto has come under some criticism even among Evangelical leaders (see Al Mohler’s An Evangelical Response, for  example), while others applaud it.  Some of the criticism has validity, but still not enough for me to change my mind about the document.

I’ve come across two audios about the Manifesto that you might find interesting:

‘Evangelical Manifesto’ Aims to Depoliticize Religion – a short NPR interview with Richard Muow of Fuller Seminary is a good introduction from a media source not known to present Evangelicals in a positive light.

Steve Brown, etc. – An interview with Os Guiness, who engages in a friendly debate with another guest – Warren Smith – who is critical of the Manifesto.

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