So Long, Tony Snow


Number me among the many who were saddened this morning, waking to the news that former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow had passed away.  I have long appreciated Snow’s political insight, and especially the demeanor with which he carried himself.  But even more than those things, I felt a kinship with him.

Not long after Snow I was also diagnosed with colon cancer.  Soon after my diagnosis, while still wondering what potential disabilities accompanied this cancer, I thought of Tony Snow and his career after his diagnosis.  I realized that if someone could withstand the stress of the White House Press Corps, this would be nothing that was ultimately debilitating. While my faith was in God’s providence, God provided Tony Snow as an example and an encouragement.

The news of the recurrance of Snow’s cancer in March of ’07 hit me like a kick in the gut.  Initial reports stated that he was not likely to make it- which were now apparently accurate.  It was a blunt reminder of the fragility of life.  I was a little discouraged for a few days – though I don’t usually expereince such vacarious empathy.  But it also played a fairly significant part in my decision to return home to Tennessee. For that I am now thankful.

I’ve had my scans recently, and there is still no sign that my cancer has recurred. Nor is there any reason to assume it ever will. But still, I find myself a little sobered today, saddened at the news of the loss of a friend I’ve never met.

For those who might be interested, last Summer Christianity Today published some personal reflections by Tony Snow.  The article beautifully reveals Tony Snow’s character and faith. To read it, click: Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings.

2 thoughts on “So Long, Tony Snow

  1. Why does Tony Snow walk to the podium if all he can speak is thin, sniping clatter? Let’s presume Tony Snow is mathematically imprudent. If so, then we must then determine whether his tongue is sweet and breezy, like a furnace, or just dainty.

    Satisfaction no longer comes from Tony Snow. It is now sought in Rush Limbaugh’s accusation that Tony Snow’s cancer was announced for the White House’s political gain. Announced for Tony Snow’s value as a commodity.

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