Farewell, Myron

myroncope1-a.jpg  News today out of Pittsburgh announced the passing of Hall of Fame sportscaster/journalist, Myron Cope.    

Those of you outside of Pittsburgh may not appreciate what a legend Cope is.  While health issues over the past few years has made this day long expected, it is still a big loss to those in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania – to  all Steeler fans. 

Cope, the inventor of the Terrible Towel, was a longtime newspaperman turned broadcaster.  For thirty five years his combination nasally , gravely, sqeaky voice (yes, that combination is apparently possible) biasedly called the play-by-play. His voice was grating to all who were not used to it, but it was an operatic rallying-cry throughout Steeler Nation 

Myron will be missed. 

Check out these videos: 

Tribute to Myron Cope

Myron’s Narration of the Terrible Towel