What Does It Look Like to be Smitten by God?

dev-4043.jpgAnother keen insight from Weak Dave:

What does it look like to be smitten by God?

Freshly convicted of sin.   Freshly contrite.  Freshly undone in an Isaiah 6 sort-of-way.  Freshly humble.   Feeling very loved/cherished by God.  Freshly overwhelmed with Jesus and His salvation of me, to the point that everything else in my life, even the really good stuff, pales by comparison.  Freshly joyful, peaceful, regardless of my circumstances.   Freshly loving and gracious toward others, especially non-Christians, even the impossible to love, while at the same time, willing to draw boundaries.   And a surprising-but-healthy indifference about my performance/success/righteousness, knowing that it’s not about me and my performance, but about Jesus and His performance.

The nicest, sweetest, kindest, most-loving thing that my Daddy in Heaven ever does for me, is not vocational/avocational/financial/relational success, but fresh conviction of sin.  Little sense of sin, little need of Jesus, and little joy and peace, unless I have easy circumstances, pleasing to my flesh.

WeakDave, encouraging strong Christians to ask God to overhaul us – especially WeakDave, so we’re more honest, with God, self, others, about our weakness/failure in following Jesus, so that non-Christians are awed by His supernatural power in humbling proud, clueless, hypocrites (2 Cor 4:7-11)

This message was sent by: GospelFriendships, 13 E Broad St, Hatfield, PA 19440

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