It’s Good News That I’m Hopelessly Me

More wisdom from WeakDave: 

It’s good news that I’m hopelessly me.

Unless it’s obvious that I’m powerless to change myself, who will be wowed as God intervenes in my life and supernaturally changes me?   Not I.  And not those who know me well, especially non-Christians. 

So if God’s glory is to be revealed in my life, I need to be a mess of a person: a grace-needy, prayer-needy man.  And non-Christians need to know me well enough, to see my mess. 

I thank God that I’m such a mess in 2007, powerless to change myself, looking forward with curiosity and expectancy, to see how He will fulfill His promise to work all things together for my good and His glory. 

The dream of GospelFriendships is that increasingly, non-Christians will say to us believers: “Wow.  Surely God is with you and there is no other; there is no other God.”  (Isaiah 45:14)

– WeakDave, who’s not the person he’d like to be in 2007, but praise God he’s not the person he was ten years ago, and even more so, twenty years ago, and even more so, forty years ago, when Jesus first captured his heart.

This message was sent by: GospelFriendships, 13 E Broad St, Hatfield, PA 19440

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