A Humble Christian Welcomes…


More insights from Weak Dave: 

A humble Christian welcomes criticism, rebuke, and has a healthy indifference to success or humiliation; has zero self-contempt when making stupid, costly mistakes; is not self-conscious, competitive, critical, judgmental, defensive; is gracious to competitors and enemies, but quick to draw boundaries of self-protection; is no doormat; is not shy, fears no one, but is loving and gentle toward those with opposite values/opinions, and does not openly or secretly rejoice in the failure of opponents or others.   

It’s hard to be irritated with a humble Christian; they are so easy to love. 

– Weak Dave, who is not a humble Christian, but his flesh loves for him to think he is – especially more humble than other Christians, and superior in some sort of way, to all men. So he obviously needs the prayers of God’s people, if he hopes to be fruitful with non-Christians

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