10 Questions: Are You More Sensitive to & Aware of God?

The grace of God causes us, who were once dead to God, to be “alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Ro. 6:11 ). One result of this new life is the glorious invasion of our souls by the Holy Spirit of God. His resident presence can give us a sense of being “alive to God” in daily life.

What does this look like?

Like a spiritual Artesian well, the Holy Spirit frequently brings thoughts of God and the things of God spontaneously to a Christian’s mind. Growing Christians find spiritual pleasure in seizing and dwelling upon these thoughts. The Spirit prompts them to see God everywhere—in pink-tinged clouds at sunset, in the warble of a wren, the kindness of a friend, the death of a loved one, even in the timing of a traffic signal.

As you read this, you are bombarded by radio and television signals, cellular phone conversations, and satellite transmissions. Of course, you have been entirely unaware of them, for you aren’t built to receive them. Once you are “alive to God,” the Spirit makes you alive to God’s presence everywhere. Not that you are always sensitive to and aware of God, but if you find yourself noticing and often choosing to enjoy the Spirit’s promptings, chances are you’re growing spiritually.

– This post is 3 of 10 excerpted from 10 Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health by Donald Whitney

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